Working around redundancy: Fixed term contracts to escape redundancy

Working around redundancy: Fixed term contracts to avoid redundancy COVID-19 has introduced a lot of financial uncertainty for employers. It is unclear for many employers how quickly their businesses will recover, especially as there are no guarantees that the country, or particular regions, wont again enter higher alert levels. Fixed term employment agreements may seem…read more >

Claiming constructive dismissal

Should an employee be resigning and then claiming constructive dismissal? It is not uncommon for an employee facing an investigation to resign, thereby avoiding the investigation, and later down the track to raise a personal grievance on the basis that they were constructively dismissed. Bridget Jones was employed by Waste Management NZ Limited. She was…read more >

Back to basics: Employee or Independent Contractor

Back to basics – Employee or Independent Contractor  If you own a van and work as a courier driver for a company, and if you’ve signed an independent contracting agreement which confirms in writing that you are an independent contractor – then are you a contractor or an employee? The question as to whether a…read more >

Workplace temperature: Too cold or too hot?

Workplace temperature: Too cold or too hot? There is no doubt that the workplace temperature can sometimes be a hotly contested topic between colleagues. The temperature at work can potentially be a health and safety issue, especially if it affects an employee’s health. An employee (Ms Burrows) who worked for Bunnings Warehouse succeeded in an…read more >

Three Commonly Asked Covid-19 Questions

At Watermark we are seeing an influx of Covid-19 related employment issues from both employers and employees. There are some common trends emerging, which we have explored in more detail below. If you have any other Covid-19 related employment issues, please get in contact with us for a no-fee consultation – we would be happy…read more >

Covid 19 and Redundancy

Covid 19 and Redundancy Covid-19 is not a reason to make a position redundant. We’ve had several cases where employees have sought our advice because their position has been made redundant, based on a letter from their respective employers which reads: “due to Covid-19 and it’s impact on our business.” Despite the turmoil upheaval and…read more >