Individual Employment Agreements

Employment Agreement DraftingLabour laws can be tricky to navigate without the proper experience. At Watermark our team of lawyers can draft individual employment agreements for all types of positions and businesses. Contracts can be drafted for part-time, volunteer, casual, contractor, and full-time positions.

The government’s employment website sets out a comprehensive list of items an employment agreement should contain:

  • the names of the employer and the employee (to make clear who are the parties to the agreement)
  • a description of the work to be performed (to make clear what the employee is expected to do)
  • an indication of the place of work
  • the agreed hours or an indication of the hours that the employee will work, this includes agreement on any or all of the following:
    • the number of hours
    • the start and finish times
    • or the days of the week the employee will work.
  • the wage rate or salary payable (must be equal or greater than the relevant minimum wage) and how it will be paid (if the employee won’t be paid in cash, this should be in the employment agreement or must be agreed in writing somewhere else)
  • a plain explanation of how to help resolve employment relationship problems including advice that personal grievances must be raised within 90 days
  • a statement that the employee will get (at least) time-and-a-half payment for working on a public holiday
  • for relevant employees, an employment protection provision to apply if the employer’s business is sold or transferred, or if the employee’s work is contracted out
  • any other matters agreed on, such as trial periods, probationary arrangements, or availability provisions
  • the nature of the employment if the employment is fixed-term.

We ensure that our finished product checks all these boxes as well as prudently covering other areas – like rest and meal breaks.

Let us take care of all employment agreement drafting.

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