HR Retainer

We offer an HR Retainer service to employers of any size.

For a competitive fixed monthly cost our dedicated team of lawyers will provide legal advice, practical hands-on guidance, and resolve any employment matter for you.

If you already have an HR person or team, we can work with them to achieve the best outcome in any employment matter that arises. Many of our HR Retainer clients use us as ongoing legal support for their existing HR team. Under our retainer we also provide HR and Employment Law training for you, your Managers, or HR team.


What does our HR Retainer service include?

Our team of specialist employment lawyers can successfully guide you through any employment or HR-related matter. Our HR Retainer covers any employment-related matter up to and including mediation.

Common situations we assist our clients with on a day-to-day basis are:

  • Disciplinary processes
  • Restructures and redundancies
  • Performance improvement processes
  • Preventing personal grievances from arising
  • Responding to personal grievances
  • Resolving allegations of bullying or harassment
  • Responding to employee complaints
  • Drafting individual employment agreements and contracts
  • Guidance through the recruitment and hiring process
  • Exiting employees from employment

  • Conducting investigations
  • Advising on next steps following an investigation
  • Conducting private mediations
  • Representing you at mediation
  • Without prejudice discussions
  • Reviewing your current employment practices
  • Reviewing and drafting policies
  • Advising on minimum entitlements
  • Engaging with Labour Inspectors
  • Practical guidance through any employment situation, no matter how complex

What does the HR Retainer cost?

Our HR Retainer service and pricing is regulated by the New Zealand Law Society (the Lawyers Conduct and Client Care Rules).

The HR Retainer is a fixed monthly cost, which is determined by the specific needs of your business. We are happy to have a discussion with you and provide a no-obligation quote.

Our pricing is competitive – there are no surprises or hidden costs. The fixed monthly cost covers all matters (unlimited use). If disbursements arise (for example, travel costs) in some situations we may bill these separately – we will discuss this with you and reach an agreement in advance.

When you begin the HR Retainer we provide terms of engagement – there are no fixed-term contracts. We suggest an initial term of 12 months, and you can cancel any time at the end of any month.

Is the HR Retainer right for my business?

Yes. If you employ any number of staff our HR Retainer will be valuable for you.

By being involved with employment matters on an ongoing basis as they arise, we can minimise the risk of any problems or stressful situations.

If you would like to discuss our HR Retainer service further please contact our Practice Development Manager, Jonathan Charlton. Jonathan is a Senior Solicitor – he has a full understanding of employment law, HR, and what your business needs.

Jonathan can have an informed conversation with you about your business, discuss how we can assist you, and provide a quotation.

Our HR Retainer is the most cost-effective option for you as it is a fixed monthly cost, and by providing ongoing support we can assist you from the outset and stop matters escalating. However, if you have a specific employment matter, we may be able to assist you with this on an individual, fixed-cost basis. Please contact Jonathan – he can discuss how we can resolve the matter for you.

Jonathan Charlton
Practice Manager / Senior Solicitor

Call Jonathan on 022 593 0729
or email