Watermark Charitable Efforts

Our vision as a firm is to not only be excellent employment lawyers but to also serve and impact our local community – and beyond.

We do this in myriad ways, which include using the profit of the firm to reinvest back into the local and international community.

The vehicle through which we do this work – is the Watermark Charitable Efforts.

Through this foundation, we partner with and support a range of causes and projects that promote justice, equality and the flourishing of human life.

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The charities we proudly financially support


Hagar is an organisation all about walking the journey of recovery with women and children in Cambodia and Vietnam who have survived slavery, trafficking and abuse. They are committed to doing whatever it takes for as long as it takes, with the goal of seeing each survivor reintegrated back into their communities, with their trauma behind them. They have helped 33 000 survivors of trauma to date.

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Asian Outreach

Asian Outreach is a kiwi based charity committed to supporting the Asian region through supporting local churches, equipping villages with wells, agricultural skills, water filters, and assisting children to get an education.

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Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) was founded in by 13 physicians and journalists who were dissatisfied with the neutrality of their last organisation. The founding members believed that people in distress had the right to medical intervention and these rights transcended national borders. They also felt that they had a duty to speak out about injustice, even though it might offend host governments. Today MSF is in 88 countries having treated almost 900 000 patients.

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Christian Blind Mission

Christian Blind Mission (CBM) is all about caring for those living in poverty with a disability. This is often helping the poorest of the poor. CBM provides cataract operations, rehab, and assistive devices so that people with disabilities have the opportunity to attain their aspirations and reach their potential.

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Assistance Dogs

Assistance Dogs New Zealand provides trained dogs to clients with any disability. Their mission is to enrich the lives of New Zealanders living with disability, providing a high standard of trained assistance dogs to clients throughout New Zealand.

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Shining Lights Community Trust

Shining Lights Community Trust works on the ground every day cooking meals, buying groceries, and handing out sleeping bags and warm clothes to those in need within New Zealand. They also work internationally building orphanages and schools throughout Africa and Asia.

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Te Whakaora

Te Whakaora is passionate about restoring families in Aotearoa – families overwhelmed by poverty, violence, sexual abuse, drugs and crime. They do this through courses, mentoring, advocacy, and other initiatives. Hundreds of families have been helped.

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