Watermark Learning

Watermark Learning is an opportunity for ER and HR practitioners to develop their knowledge and skills.

We offer HR101 training – Five conversations every Manager should have – to Managers and those involved in Human Resources at organisations of any size. The presentation is aimed at providing an overview of the most common HR issues – it is structured to cover the ‘lifetime’ of the employment relationship, from recruitment to the end of employment. Broadly, it covers:

  1. Recruitment;
  2. Coaching;
  3. Performance Management;
  4. Bullying and Harassment; and
  5. Redundancy.

The course is approximately three hours and is presented by a lawyer – we can provide the training in person at your offices. If this is something you are interested in please get in touch, and we can provide a quote.

Separate to the HR101 training, we have developed a course (Certificate in Employment Relations) that runs over two consecutive mornings from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

The course was designed and will be presented by Simon Greening – specialist Employment Lawyer and Director of Watermark Employment Law.

The Certificate in Employment Relations is designed to equip practitioners with:

  • Practical tools to assist with common, difficult workplace issues
  • An understanding of key legal principles of HR and ER practice, from a specialist employment Lawyer
  • In depth case knowledge with reference to real world, leading employment law cases

Module content

The Certificate in Employment Relations covers 6 modules:

  1. Employment issues and claims in the context of recruitment
  2. Guide to advising on key clauses in employment agreements and relevant case law
  3. Medical leave, sick leave, medical incapacity and relevant case law
  4. Dealing with difficult employees, case studies and relevant law
  5. Dealing with complaints, bullying and harassment
  6. How to resolve employment relationship problems – a practical how to guide

Each module is built around practical case studies – a workbook is included.

At the conclusion of the course, each participant will be presented with a certificate.

Course details

The date of our next course is yet to be set down – we will update this page once it has been confirmed.